Derek Shore's Shout Out!

I would like to give a shout out to the bishops of the Christian Communion International and the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches. The websites don't give you the complete story. I have spent two days praying with them. Watching them engage each other in fun, seriousness, and even disagreement. It has been my privilege to be there as they talked about serious and sober theological issues, vision, and the Kingdom of God increasing on this earth in a Convergence context. They wrestled with issues of faith and how is the Lord best served in expressing these issues. The were gut level honest about how faithful they desire to be to the call of the Lord and the humble service which they are honored to perform in His name, in spite of their short-comings. They confessed their faults one to another, the worshiped like they it was their lifestyle and did I mention the earnest prayers over each other and those of us in the room. They are men laying down their life for the other, and let me tell you they LOVE the people they serve and I promise evil is beaten back where their feet tread. They are true "Father's" in the faith to myself and thousands of others. If you are looking for valid and rooted historicity, contemplative and Jesus-centric spirituality, and humble yet bold charismatic can do no better than to be yoked on earth with these bishops. I love each one of you for the gift that you are!