Nepal Report

Bringing The Gospel To Nepal


The following report is from our partner, Krishna Raj Bhatta, who lives in Nepal. He and his team are on the front lines of bringing the Gospel to people who have never heard the message of salvation. They are partners with us as our Province promotes the growth of the Church and the message of God’s love to all.

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from Nepal. Here is the short brief information about the outreach program that we did last time in a rural villages of Far-Western Nepal.

Nepal is a land of rich beauty with the High Himalayas at the north, mountain in the middle and the field of plain in south. Here 30 million people worship 33 hundred millions gods. Hindu still is the dominant religion and Buddhism follows next, Muslims reign central south of Nepal and Christianity comprises hardly a million in population, coming in fourth. Probably 90 percent of people have not heard the gospel. Almost all types of evangelistic programs are held in Cities and towns. Missionaries and Evangelists rarely step into the villages.

Nepal is somehow open for the gospel and many have not heard about Jesus. This is a great opportunity to share about Jesus to with the Nepalese people. They are receptive to the gospel and we must not lose this opportunity.

We have just returned from our 6 day long gospel trip to most remote and unreached villages of "Garba" of kailali district of Far-Western Nepal. This is the most back-warded and undeveloped regions of Far-West Nepal. We moved through communities where Christ has not been preached. There are so many superstitions and social evils prevailing in the society. They portray Christianity as a "Cow eating religion" (Cow is the national animal of Nepal and worshiped as a Hindu God). We did Evangelized with every individual interaction, distributing tracks and observed each and every communities living thereby.

God wonderfully worked through our lives touching 3 major villages. Some of the sick people in the villages were released free from various sickness and received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It was really difficult for us to approach people with Good news.  

We thank God and all the Team members of our ministry who have been very active in praying and joining us to reach those villages by walking 10 hours continuously on foot and evangelizing in the midst of all the difficulties of their times and climate. In some areas, there was no source of electricity, accommodation & communications facilities. We had the privilege of sharing the hope of restoration and transformation with people who feel broken, alone and unloved. They need to know that there is a Savior who loves them and died for their sins.

Our strategies: Evangelism with individual interaction, tracks and Bible distribution, preaching in mass, offering salvation and healing in Jesus name. We planted churches in the spirit of love, care and development. Reaching-Saving-Blessing Nepal in Jesus Christ. We have believed, moved, reached, and declared the gospel and the Lord began to work as He promised in being with us all the time.

Thank you again for your deep concern and intercession for the churches in the Nepal, Bishop David Scott. Glory to God that He has been exceptionally kind to us during our trip and has prayed for the villagers so that they can turn their soul into Christ and others can grow up in Christ.

           Prayers Points :- 

1. Pray for us so that we can provide Bibles to the new believers. We need around 200 Bibles.

 2.Pray for us so that we would start a "Home Fellowship" in the village where we recently visited.

 3.Pray for our ministry in Nepal.

Thanks .
In His service
Krishna Raj Bhatta