Meet Father Mike Olsen

I would like to introduce to you Abbot Mike Olsen. Who is a married priest / monk in the CEEC. Pine Abbey Order of Saint Columba/Iona Community Church Louisville Kentucky he has been faithful in his mission for the past 15 years.

Father Olsen was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease called IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis) which is a scarring of the lungs that prevents oxygen in the blood from going to other organs over time and destroys the lungs completely.

He is waiting for a double lung transplant and on that list where he could receive a call at any time for that surgery. However what he really want is a supernatural creative miracle!

He needs your prayers and support at this time, due to the corrosive symptoms of this disease Father Olsen is no longer able to work. He is currently on oxygen and taking a experimental medicine that hopefully slows down the progression of the scarring in my lungs.

Father Olsen is asking that people pray and send messages of encouragement. Those messages are like sunshine in his life at this time. Should you desire to give your donations would be donations that would help sustain life for him. Father Olsen lost his health insurance when he became unemployed.

You may contribute directly by sending your donations to him directly. Send to;
Mike Olsen
1219 Keswick Blvd
Louisville, Ky. 40217

Or you may use the donations page on the CEEC website and write his name in the “Notes” section so we may pass to him your gift in full.

Please visit the “Mike Olesn Project” at
You may click the following link for his story. :