2015 Convocation in Israel

I am excited to announce that the dates and location have been set for the 2015

You’re invited to join us in JERUSALEM, ISRAEL from October 22-31,
2015 for an amazing and historic convocation and tour of the Holy Land.
As you know, convocations are open to everyone who wishes to participate –
lay persons, deacons, priests and bishops. EVERYONE is invited to join us!
For many people, a chance to visit the Holy Land is the event of a lifetime. I
have visited Israel several times – and each time is a new and fresh experience
that touches my heart. One of the greatest joys in my ministry is to take
believers in Jesus to Israel and teach them God’s Word while standing in
the spot we are reading about! To actually study the Bible where the visuals
of each story can come to life before your very eyes, in the places where
the Jewish patriarchs, our beloved Lord and His disciples lived is a truly
remarkable experience. Imagine studying the book of Revelation while
standing in the Valley of Megiddo! or, taking communion at the Garden
Tomb. These are life impacting events!!!

This will not be the “typical” Israel tour. We will study key sections of the
Scriptures together and explore the land of the Book! We have time allocated
for prayer and ministry events that will change the way you see the Word of
God and the way you live your faith. C.E.E.C. bishops who live and work in
Israel have created an incredible experience that you will not want to miss.
We’ll visit places that many tours never get a chance to see, such as a newly
discovered site that may be the home and ministry center of the Prophet
Elisha and the newly documented location where the trial of Christ occurred.
Moreover, we’ll have the opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist in some of the
most holy places on the globe – places where Our Lord Himself walked and

All of the tour details are being handled by Educational Opportunities, one
of the leading operators for tours to Israel. Their experience and expertise
will make sure that every detail of your travel is handled by an experienced
professional.  >   http://www.eo.travelwithus.com/ceec2015#eotours

You won’t want to miss this trip of a lifetime. Come to Israel with us and see
the Bible open before your very eyes in ways you never dreamed possible. You
faith and your walk will be empowered. Your vision will be impacted. You’ll
never be the same.

Presiding Bishop Charles Travis