Our Endorsed Chaplains

The CEEC currently endorses chaplains for the;
• United States Army
• United States Navy
• United States Air Force
• Veterans Administration (VA).

Additionally, the CEEC endorses Chaplains for service in
• Hospitals
• Nursing and Retirement Villages
• Hospice agencies
• Police Departments
• Fire Departments
• Prisons
and as "First Responder" Chaplains.

Following is a list of our current chaplains as well as the agency in which they serve. Only the Chaplains listed are officially endorsed by the CEEC. While not all chaplains require endorsement, this list indicates current good standing in the CEEC. We invite you to pray for these chaplains by name as part of your daily prayer routine and/or daily office. To contact any of our chaplains, send a request via this "contact us" link.

Military Chaplains

Chaplain   |   (LtCol)   |   Timothy Ullman   |   United States Air Force
Chaplain   |   (CPTN)   |   Kelvin Francis   |   United States Air Force
Chaplain   |   Jamie Danford   |   United States Air Force
Chaplain   |   (1st Lt)   |   Benjamin McEntire   |   United States Air Force Reserve
Chaplain   |   ACS*   |   Clifton Edwards (LGN)   |   United States Army
Chaplain   |   CPT   |   Lucas Small   |   United States Army
Chaplain   |   (MAJ)   |   Lamont Freeman   |   United States Army
Chaplain   |   (MAJ)   |   Don Jones   |   United States Army National Guard
Chaplain   |   (1st LT)   |   Diego Londono   |   United States Navy

Institutional Chaplains

The Reverend   |   Gary Clise   |   VA Hospital System Chaplain, Pennsylvania
The Reverend   |  Colin Munroe   |   Wayne Memorial Hospital, Senior Chaplain, NC
The Reverend   |  Tim Blanton   |   Hospice Chaplain, Georgia
The Reverend   |  Sabrina McGavock   |   Hospice Chaplain, Georgia
The Reverend   |  Janin Goff   |   Hospice Bereavement Chaplain, Mississippi
The Reverend   |  Eleni Klasson   |   Orange Memorial Hospital Chaplain, Florida
The Reverend   |  Joel Garavaglia-Maiorano   |   Hays Medical Center, Hays Kansas