Welcome to the Office of Endorsed Chaplains, (OEC), web page.
The mission of the Office of Endorsed Chaplains is to identify, guide and support men and women in their holy calling to chaplaincy. Secondly to act as a conduit for communication and understanding between them and International House of Bishops, the Department of Defence, and all the institutional services that requires their endorsement.

The OEC functions to enhance the values of the Diocese and its mission. The OEC is the first point of contact and reference for the Diocese, guiding and directing individuals, to the appropriate military or institutional service, for information and further assistance to achieving their ministry goals.

The OEC takes seriously its commission from the National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces to recruit, endorse and provide oversight for clergy persons who desire to serve as chaplains in any one of the branches of our armed forces. We want clergy persons to serve who are credible, committed to their faith, open to all persons, able to meet all military and institutional standards, and who represent the highest standards of their own communities.

The Bishop of the Diocese functions through the OEC and provides leadership, vision and direction to its chaplaincy corps as well as to external constituents. As the primary advocate for the mission and educational purposes for the Diocese, the Bishop is the chief steward of institutional resources.

Bishop David Scott, having been a long-time chaplain to hospitals, nursing homes, and educational institutions, was installed as the Bishop of the Diocese in January of 2010. He has an affinity for the work of the chaplain and seeks to equip the men and women who serve as chaplains with the latest knowledge and training available.

Bishop Scott established the Canonical Order of Chaplains(TCOC) in 2007 as a religious order whose focus is on community, education, and training. He and his wife make their home in Orlando, Florida