The purpose of the Society of St. Patrick and St. Aidan is to provide a flexible ecclesias-tical authority structure for facilitating new jurisdictions, local congregations and clergy being brought into full affiliation with the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Church-es through a “missionary” dynamic that enables said jurisdictions, local congregations and clergy to affiliate and receive episcopal incardination in the CEEC while maintain-ing relational and ecclesiastical connection with Archbishop Paul Wayne Boosahda as their Archbishop.

The mission of the Society is to engage in the apostolic mission of the Gospel our Lord Jesus Christ by proclaiming, living and demonstrating the Good News of His saving love and redemptive rule for the salvation and reconciliation of human beings and of all creation to the friendship of the Triune God, the Creator, Sustainer and Ruler of all.

A key element of the mission of the Society shall be the planting and/orfacilitating and equipping support and training of new local Eucharisticworship communities gathered around the Lord Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit in the fellowship of the Apostolic Tradition and Faith passed on from our Lord Jesus Christ to His Apostles, and through them to believers of all ages.

The name of this society shall be THE SOCIETY OF ST. PATRICK AND ST. AIDAN

The nature of the Society of St. Patrick and St. Aidan shall initially be that of an Apostolic Mission Society of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches as an extension of the apostolic episcopate of Archbishop Paul Wayne Boosahda in his unique and ongoing role as one of the original founders of the CEEC and as a continuing Archbishop with seat and vote in the CEEC International Council of Archbishops.

The function of the society shall be that of a personal prelature operating as an apostolic mission society for the spread of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and for the building up of the Church in the specific manner related above.

In this capacity the Society will facilitate an ongoing ecclesiastical means and instrument whereby jurisdictions, local congregations (Eucharistic worship com-munities) and clergy may be fully received and incardinated into full communion membership within the life of the CEEC under the direct spiritual oversight of Archbishop Boosahda as their archiepiscopal overseer functioning within the CEEC through this apostolic means.

As a personal prelature, the Society shall be able to exercise its own jurisdictional mission and ministry, with the clergy, local congregations and jurisdictions so electing being constituent members of the Society fulfilling their missions within their own spheres of calling through a relational structure that will support and facilitate a diversity and flexibility of expressions of churchmanship, tradition, identity and worship practice within the broad Orthodox, Anglican and Catholic tradition of the Church through history.

This diversity shall reflect the essential spiritual ethos of the CEEC and draw from the treasury of Celtic and Anglican-Catholic historic spiritual traditions through a theological and praxis paradigm of the “Convergence” movement, bringing together as one mighty River the three major streams of Christianity known as “charismatic/Pentecostal, evangelical and liturgical/sacramental."


The Society of St. Patrick and St. Aidan shall be established and function under the direct authority of the CEEC International Council of Archbishops and shall be accountable, together with its overseer, The Most Rev. Paul Wayne Boosahda, to said Council.

A yearly report of the activities, membership and developments of the Society shall be submitted to the CEEC International Council of Archbishops for their review and approval.


Our mission is to glorify God by participating with Him in the redemptive mission of His kingdom through planting, growing and equipping apostolic and eucharistic communities of Christ and mentoring a new generation of emerging leaders that are committed to Scripture, Spirit, Sacrament and Service for the sal-vation and maturing of souls and the transformation of God’s world.


The Society of St. Patrick and St. Aidan is an Apostolic and Catholic society committed to the mission of the kingdom of God and the proclamation, demon-stration and teaching of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all people.

We identify and see ourselves as Catholic Christians and followers of Jesus Christ committed to the Great Tradition of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of our Lord.

We draw from the rich and diverse well-springs of the ecumenical consensus of the Church of Jesus Christ from its earliest inceptions to its Patristic heritage and developments – East and West – and on through its historic journey of renewal, reform and recovery to its contemporary witness, mission and life in the 21st century.

We particularly identify with the Celtic Christian mission and heritage of Catholic and Apostolic Christianity in the British Isles, drawing from the Eastern and Western heritage of the faith.

We are Celtic and Anglican in practice and values, Catholic and Orthodox in theology, worship and devotion, and missional in our way of life and ministry.

We are an apostolic mission society that sees its calling as celebrating the ancient, calling forth the future, and transforming the present!.


We are called to reach people with the life and world-changing Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to make and form disciples in His likeness of every nation, people, tribe and language.

One of the primary ways we accomplish this mission is through the planting and growing of apostolic communities of Christ and the formation of dioceses and other Eucharistic jSpirit and Sacrament – the blending as one River of the streams of the charisma-tic, the evangelical and the liturgical/sacramental elements of the Lord’s one Church.

We are committed to the training, mentoring and equipping of emerging leaders in an inter-generational context who resonate with our mission, values and ethos.

The Society is trans-local and apostolic in its focus, rather than pastoral and local, always seeking to nurture, resource and equip local eucharistic communities in their establishment, growth and needs.


Working with emerging new church plants and church planting leaders to equip, resource and mentor through relational settings, seminars, resource materials and hands-on involvement.

Offering teaching, training and support resources and events for local and regional areas and other jurisdictions of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Fostering the development and establishment of other apostolic missional minis-tries and jurisdictions through:*Consultation and advise *consecration of new bishops for newly forming jurisdictions in Apostolic Succes-sion*Active participation in ecumenical relationships and synods of Catholic and Apostolic Bishops to work together across geographical regions for the spread of the Gospel of the Kingdom and the strengthening of the Churches.

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